BSF Carbon Fiber 9mm AR15 Barrel 16" Red

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BSF Carbon Fiber 9mm AR15 Barrel - 16" Red

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BSF Lightweight Carbon Fiber Barrel for 9mm AR15.  16" Red

OUT OF STOCK AND WE WILL NOT BE RECEIVING MORE.  We do have the grey / black version of the same in stock and on sale.  Grey / Black 16" BSF 9mm Barrel


If you are looking for an accurate, lightweight, sexy barrel for your 9mm AR15, this is it!  This barrel is becoming popular with USPSA PCC division shooters who demand accuracy without the heavy weight typically associated with ultra-accurate barrels.

 Also available in GREY - see 'accessories' below.


  • 9mm (9x19)
  • 16.5 oz
  • 0.875 OD
  • 1:10 Twist
  • 1/2x28 muzzle threads
  • Compatible with both Colt and Glock pattern receivers and bolts
  • Color: Red

Photo of the target is a group we shot with this barrel (see video below).  It's 5-shot group at 50 yards with Remington 147g Golden Saber ammo.  That's 4 shots measuring 0.55" (center to center) plus the flyer which was the first shot of the group.  Incredible accuracy for a 9mm carbine!

After turning down the barrel, BSF jackets a 416R Stainless steel match barrel in a roll-wrapped carbon fiber sleeve and load it under tension.  BSF uses this jacketing method rather than wrapping the barrel in carbon fiber because this method of wrapping has been proven to trap heat and cause delamination.  The carbon fiber BSF uses is specially designed to move at the same expansion rate as 416R stainless steel. Holes are drilled into the carbon fiber allowing air to move around the barrel and vent heat quicker without any delamination issues.  Using the Carbon Fiber this way keeps the rifling straighter the warmer the barrel gets because it's under tension. This allows the barrel to maintain superior stiffness and strength while keeping the barrel extremely lightweight.





Shoots Nickle size groups at 50 yards with 124 grain Ranier Hollow Points with 5.5 grains of Auto comp. Very impressive.

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BSF Carbon Fiber 9mm AR15 Barrel 16" Red

BSF Carbon Fiber 9mm AR15 Barrel 16" Red

BSF Carbon Fiber 9mm AR15 Barrel - 16" Red